Kenyan Coffee

Kenya is well-known for its robust. Kenya is a powerhouse and the quality of the top coffee lots has been rewarded with high prices in the weekly Kenya auction in Nairobi. Kenya has had a system where coffee quality and prices have been linked.

Broadly speaking, the best Kenya coffees are complex and bright, and it lights up the palate from front to back. It is not for people who do not like acidity in coffee. (Acidity being the prized, flavorful bright notes in the cup; think citrus, black currant, and berry)!

A great Kenya balances brightness with sweet flavors, syrups and cane sugar, spice notes, and fruited aspects that sometimes tend toward winey.

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Kenyan coffee has around 700,000 farmers, most of whom are smallholder farmers with less than 1 acre of farmland.

Kenya Coffee Cooperative Model

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Services offered to Co-op Farmer Members for Igegania Farmers Cooperative in Kenya:
1. CREDIT SERVICES: The co-op offers credit services to its farmers by giving advances against cherry and parchment deliveries on valuation within seven days of application.
2. AGRONOMY SERVICES: The co-op has an extensive agronomy network that covers all the coffee producing areas with qualified agronomists. To offer the best agricultural practice and keep pace with changes, the agronomists undergo constant training to ensure that new technology is adopted and passed on to the farmers.
3. PROVISION OF INPUTS FOR SUSTAINABLE COFFEE PRODUCTION: The co-op has established a working relationship with farm input suppliers where farmers can collect their farm supplies. The co-op is in the process of obtaining bulk farm inputs sourced directly and competitively from suppliers to ensure the success of its IPIQ (Increased production and Improved Quality) program to provide farmer members resources and improve productivity.

Buying Kenyan Coffee

Harvesing season is twice per year in Kenya, and it's in high demand, so you'll not find it on shelves year-round. Best to shop online from trusted roasters and coffee shops that have a unique relationship with Kenyan coffee farmers.

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