Guatemalan Coffee Overview

Guatemala is a country of rolling mountains, at perfect altitudes for growing coffeee. Coffee has been grown for export in Guatemala since the 1850s and today remains the second-most important agricultural export after sugar, injecting hundreds of millions of dollards annually into Guatemala’s economy. The coffee sector employs more than 125,000 Guatemalan families.
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Guatemala Coffee Flavor Profile

It produces "mild" is well-known for its overall balance. "Depending on the region, Guatemala's coffee taste can have floral and citrus aromas, with chocolate, sweet, fruity, wine or nutty flavours. This coffee is also known for its full and balanced body, as well as its bright, pleasant, persistent and intense acidity." Resource: Coffeefusion

Fun fact: Guatemala was the first coffee producing country in the world to establish a denomination of origin system to characterize its eight producing regions

Resource: World Coffee Research

Buying Guatemalan Coffee

Harvesing season is year-round for the most part, with a peak at the end of the year (until January), so it's a always a good time to buy coffee.