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Exilior is a family-owned business with a Kenyan heritage and Oregon wine country roots. Our mission is to provide ultimate Kenyan coffee experience through delicious Kenyan coffee.

Exilior was co-founded Francis, who was born and raised in Kenya and Maya, who was raised in Oregon. They both now live in Oregon with their 3 children.

Their vision is to create a better society and bring about positive change by connecting communities to improve the quality of life for a more fairer and more equitable world. Reference: Exilior Our Story

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The coffee is delicately roasted light - medium to allow you to enjoy the flavors of the coffee been without the roast profile. This brings out sweet aromatics with flavor notes of blackberry, sweet orange and a honey sweet finish.

Roast Profile: Light to Medium
Notes: Blackberry, Orange, Honey
Process: Washed
Producer: Igegania Co-op
Grade: AB
Region: Meru, Kenya